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Day 01: Lima – Paracas Tour Ballestas Islands 

3:45 a.m. Departure by bus Cruz Del Sur, arrival and shipment by boat to visit the Ballestas Islands. On the way we will appreciate the chandelier. In the Islands we will join with nature, appreciating the sea lions and birds that nest on these islands. Overnight.

Day 02: Tour Paracas National Reserve 

Breakfast. 11:00 AM Tour to the Paracas National Reserve, where you will appreciate the panoramic view of the bay from the Obelisk in honor of Independence Hall interpretation of Paracas National Reserve, Viewpoint of Birds, Paleontological Area, The Flamingos in their natural habitat, the Cathedral is a natural rock formation, Playa Yumaque, the viewpoint of the Paracas Peninsula, Red Beach, beach view Lagunillas. Overnight.



Welcome at the airport by our staff and transfer to hotel where we will wait a coca tea to help us acclimatise to the Andes. In the afternoon pick up from hotel and start our tour visiting the Cathedral one of the best examples of colonial art built in the time of the same name, its construction lasted about 100 years, the stones were brought from Sacsayhuaman, here we can see altarpieces bathed in gold and one made of pure silver, also see images in bulk from major Catholicism characters, also we can see paintings of the Cusco School and a pulpit splendidly worked by the Barrio de San Blas typical craftsmen, continuing our visit we enter the famous temple of Koricancha which translated into English means Gold Precint, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega in his work the “Royal Comments” (Comentarios Reales) indicate that this place had all the walls covered with gold leaf and inside they found hundreds of objects made of gold and silver that were used as offerings to their deities and were also used to get them out in a procession in the main Inti Raymi celebrations, then we will leave the city within 10 minutes and visit Sacsayhuaman 




After breakfast pick up from hotel and depart to Pisaq, our first place to visit, in this town you can visit the craft market where we can do some shopping, after our visit we head toward the archaeological park surrounded by vast quantities terraces that during the period of Tawantinsuyo was use for agriculture where possibly different types of corn were grown, but now it is exported, also visit the religious sector where we find a chacana, Inca symbol representing the three worlds that were the World Above, the World now and the World Below in Quechua meant the Hanaq Pachaq, Kay Pachaq and Ukju Pachaq respectively, in addition to appreciate the temples of the moon where you can appreciate the beauty of art with walls that carved the stones and arrange each in its place, continuing our journey we travel to Urubamba for lunch to later head to Ollantaytambo, peculiar people because all the houses are built on the foundations of Inca palaces that until now remain, will enter the archaeological site and the first thing we see are the huge number of terraces that supported them